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The Maison Cresci

One family’s fantastic story!

A real visionary, Francis Cresci opened La Pizza Cresci in Nice in 1956 followed by La Pizza Cresci in Cannes in 1960 as part of the greater wave of a new dining concept in France. For the first time, guests could sit around a table laid out like in a traditional restaurant and eat a unique dish – pizza. Indeed, while pizza may have originally been created in the south of Italy, it was along Nice’s Rue Masséna that the idea of a proper restaurant specialising in pizzas took shape.

Hot off his success, Francis Cresci expanded his company by opening La Pizza Cresci in Cannes in 1960, followed by La Taverne Masséna and Le Québec in Nice in 1963 and 1969 respectively. Driven by this sense of conviviality and always attentive to the quality of service, the Maison Cresci, led by Francis Cresci’s son Lucovic, now offers both leisure and business customers an excellent range of rooms and apartments within complexes in Cannes and Nice.

Le Québec Restaurant

An institution in Nice since 1969


Creation of Le Québec Restaurant

Following the success of La Pizza Cresci and La Taverne Masséna, both situated along Nice’s Rue Masséna, Francis Cresci, a keen traveller, decided to create Le Québec as an homage to the wonderful Canadian province. This lively place was designed to allow guests to dine out and sample not only the famous half-moon pizza, but also a medley of North American specialities.


A must-visit pizzeria and steak house

At the heart of a setting paying homage to the great Canadian outdoors and the Native Americans, Le Québec offers a range of American specialities all day long, including chicken poutine (a traditional Quebecois dish), spareribs, grilled meats, salmon bagels, hamburgers and veggie burgers. The delicious mussels are also renowned, and of course, you can also indulge in one of the Maison Cresci’s famous half-moon pizzas. There’s something for everyone here with a quality that has never dwindled, all in welcoming surroundings with a timeless feel.